All Obstacles, Where To Find & How To Take Them Out

Some challenges require you to take out certain obstacles on the track – and there are a lot of different ones in Mario Kart Tour! I have written here one overview that will show you where you can find them and where they hide there to not force you searching for hours πŸ™‚

How To Take Out?

Taking them out is quite easy – many think that you need to hit them with an item but, in fact, you can also just drive right into them. No need to hit them with a shell or crash into them with Frenzy, Mushroom or anything like that:

take out snowperson

Yes, you will crash at some of them when you do that but this still counts as “taking them out” πŸ™‚

Where To Find…

All of them are basically track specific and it’s not that hard to find them if you know where to search.

Below you find the overview of all the different objects you might need to take out for a challenge with the exact location where you find them.

… Barrel

Barrels can be found in London Loop tracks in the middle section behind the stairs where you find them in the left and right side of the lane.

There are actually two right behind each other so you can take out 4 of them per lap (8 total in one race.

… Big Piranha Plant

Taking out Piranha Plants is more difficult as you can’t do this by simply crashing into them. You will need to use a Green Shell, Big Mushroom or be in Frenzy Mode to actually take them out for the challenge.

You can find them in Choco Island, Yoshi Island, Paris Promenade or Mario Circuit RMX.

… Goat

Goats can be found in all Daisy Hills tracks at the middle section where you have the long turns.

Be aware that you will crash if you hit a goat, unless you have Big Mushroom, Mushroom boost or Frenzy active but you will still get the hit even if you crash.

… Jar

To find jars you will need to get on any track of Shy Guy Bazaar. You will find them in the early section at the left lane and in the middle section where three jars walk over the road all the time.

You can drive in them without crashing and you will even get one combo addition for that.

… Kadomatsu

This obstacle can be found in any track during the New Year’s eve tour.

They are all around and you can drive into them like into other obstacles like jars or snowpeople.

… Pipes

Pipes are a little more difficult to hit as they can’t be affeted when you drive into them, unless you’re in an invincible state (Frenzy, Mega Mushroom, Bullet Bill). Sometimes they are off the track so you are required to take a look around and run several races to get enough hits with pipes.

You can find them in the tracks of Choco Island, Yoshi Island, Toad Circuit or Daisy Hills.

… Sidestepper

You can find them in Koopa Troopa Beach (right after start and before the finish line) and Cheap Cheap Lagoon (before the last turn under water).

You will crash when you hit them without Mushroom or Frenzy but you can also hit them with a Green Shell or Bob-omb

… Snowpeople

They behave like jars, you can simply drive into them without crashing.

You will find them in DK Pass (right after the start and before the finish line) or Frappe Snowland (in the middle section next to the road).

They will also increase your combo when you hit them so you should include them in your line anyway πŸ˜‰

… Thwomp

You will find them in SNES Rainbow Road and Bowser’s Castle and they are really hard to take out as you will need to drive through them while you’re in an invincible state.

You need Mega Mushroom or Frenzy to actually take them out by driving right through them. it’s hard because you need to have it in the right time and they can be in the air when you have Frenzy and you’re not able to hit them.

… Traffic Cones

They can be found in Daisy Hills (next to the fountain at the start or end), Toad Circuit (in the middle in front of the short bridge) and sometimes in other variations of races like Neo Bowser City, Rock Rock Mountain or DK Pass.

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