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  • mario kart tour trick tour

    Mario Kart Tour Tier List – Trick Tour

    Do you ask yourself which driver works best right now and you should spend your Skill-Up Tickets on? Or you ask which ones you should get from the shop? I have here a tier list with an approach on how useful a driver can be right now and will update this every week so you […] More

  • mario kart tour action point calculation guide

    Combo Point Calculation & Best Setup To Get Most Points

    I have here the official and full point calculation in Mario Kart Tour and it will give you a great insight when you’re not sure what setup of driver/kart/glider you should use for a race to get the most points. Some of you ask if using a higher rarity or a higher skill level is […] More

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    All Obstacles, Where To Find & How To Take Them Out

    Some challenges require you to take out certain obstacles on the track – and there are a lot of different ones in Mario Kart Tour! I have written here one overview that will show you where you can find them and where they hide there to not force you searching for hours πŸ™‚ How To […] More

  • mario kart tour all frenzy ranked guide

    All Frenzy Modes Ranked & How To Get Them

    Frenzy Mode is the thing that will give amazing combo points and will skyrocket your points during a race and I have here some details to Frenzy Mode to show you insights into how to get Frenzy Mode during a race plus also ranked the different Frenzy Modes according to how many points they will […] More

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    Shop Daily Select Rotation & Best Way To Spend Coins In The Shop

    There are some things about the Daily Selects in the shop in Mario Kart Tour that I bet you didn’t know so far, including which driver, kart, glider and tickets you will find there and also the best strategy to spend your Coins there – so, I thought it will be nice to write this […] More

  • mario kart tour pipe pull guide

    Pipe Pull Guide (More Gold Pipes, Resets & More)

    As there are many myths around pulling equipment from the pipe in Mario Kart Tour – and that’s the only consistent way with the limited Rubies to get new ones – I wanted to create this guide to give you the best practice how you should pull from the pipe to get the maximum value […] More

  • mario kart tour multiplayer guide

    How To Do Well In Multiplayer (And Get Grade S+5 Fast)

    With the new multiplayer mode we have finally the chance to race against human players all around the world. So, no matter if you’re into racing against other players or you just want to complete the new multiplayer challenges for the extra rubies in Mario Kart Tour, I have here a guide that will help […] More

  • mario kart tour do better in ranked cup

    Get More Points In Ranked Cup (Guaranteed)

    Ranked Cup is not only a great way to compare your driving skills with other drivers around the globe, it’s also the most-efficient way to earn Rubies consistently. I know that some of you have problems with the Ranked Cup but as a player that reached Tier 40 as F2P I can give you my […] More

  • mario kart tour coin rush tips

    5 Things About Coin Rush That You NEED To Know

    Unlike other mobile games you can’t purchase Coins directly in Mario Kart Boss, you can get access to a mini-game that will reward you with a lot of Coins. The mini-game is fairly easy but there are some other things that I want you to know about Coin Rush that are important. How Can You […] More

  • mario kart tour best cc class guide

    Best CC Class in Mario Kart Tour (Highscore, XP Farming, etc.)

    You probably asked yourself what cc class you should actually race with in Mario kart Tour, right? There are several things that you need to consider so I thought it might be a good idea to give you the best recommendations on what class works best for what cause. Different CC Classes If you’re subscribed […] More

  • get 1st place without crashing

    How To… Get 1st Place Without Crashing

    Getting 1st place in a race without crashing sounds easy, but in Mario Kart Tour it can get messy and the whole game is about hitting your opponents and crashing them and if you lead the race you’re a primary target, right? πŸ˜€ So, in this guide I want to show you some strategies that […] More

  • cause opponent to crash while gliding

    How To… Cause Opponents To Crash 3 Times While Gliding

    This is an interesting challenge in Mario Kart Tour, but actually it’s easy to get if you follow the right strategy. What’s the right strategy? Well, that’s what I will explain you now πŸ™‚ What You Need To Cause Opponents To Crash While Gliding As the title already said, you need to hit an opponent […] More

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