cause opponent to crash while gliding

How To… Cause Opponents To Crash 3 Times While Gliding

This is an interesting challenge in Mario Kart Tour, but actually it’s easy to get if you follow the right strategy.

What’s the right strategy? Well, that’s what I will explain you now 🙂

What You Need To Cause Opponents To Crash While Gliding

As the title already said, you need to hit an opponent while you’re in the air and while the opponent is in the air gliding.

Sounds now complicated but isn’t that complicated after all. You also don’t need to make that happen within one race, it will add up so you can do multiple runs to get this challenge done.

hit while gliding


The best way to get this challenge completed in Mario Kart Tour is by choosing the right tracks – and the right tracks are the ones that have a longer part where gliding is possible plus offer Item Boxes in front of the gliding section so you can pick up some items to hit your opponents with.

Tracks that work very well for that are:

Rock Rock Mountain

Here you have not only a very long distance of gliding in the middle of the course (when you exit the cave), you will also have item boxes right in front of them so you will load up and have a high chance to actually get a Red Shell or something else that can cause an opponent to crash while gliding.

Shy Guy Basar

Here you also have the long glide section in the last third of the track where you will pick up item boxes in front of it. Normally easy but make sure that you’re not in top position, so slow down before getting there to have enemies you can actually hit when you start gliding.

Daisy Hills

Also a great spot, no matter of regular or reverse, with a long glide either at the start or the end of the lap with item boxes right in front it.

Driver & Glider

Now choose a driver that has a special item that can also hit an opponent – you want to get the highest chances to hit an opponent.

Special items like Boomerang, Fire/Ice Flower, Eggs, Bowser’s Shell or Lucky Seven work pretty well.

Of course, you can always pick up a Red Shell that is a nice hit but we want to have the highest chances possible.

Possible do sync your driver with the track according to your cup so you will be able to get into Frenzy Mode with that driver.

When picking your glider you shouldn’t go for the one that offers the highest combo, you should pick the one that offers a Special Skill like Red Shell Plus. You don’t want to get for a high score, you want to hit opponents while gliding 😉

best glider to hit opponents

Hit ‘Em

Now you only need to fire everything once you’re in the air and hope you will hit an opponent – you can also use Banans or Bombs, they also can accidentally hit an opponent.

hit opponent while gliding

Fire everything while you’re in the air and you will get your hits.

Bonus Tip – Use Item Tickets!

If you’re in the air and you only got a bad item selection you can also quickly use an Item Ticket to get additional items, this can also help getting this challenge done faster.

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