How To… Finish A Race By Gliding Over The Finish Line

One of the new challenge tasks we’ve seen the first time in the second part of the Valentine’s Tour in Mario Kart Tour is the objective to finish a race by gliding over the finish line.

In this guide here I want to show you all the different ways how you can accomplish that task and get those 2 Stars easily.

What You Need To Finish A Race By Gliding Over The Finish Line

We have no specific requirements here like what driver to use or what track – however, we need a track that is set up in a way where we will actually glide over the finish line and there are several actually…

Glider Challenge

Every challenge (4th race in any cup) that is a Glider Challenge will do it for this challenge because you will automatically glider over the finish line when you will get the full 3 Stars for it

glider challenge for task completion

They are for sure the fastest way to clear the challenge to finish a race while gliding over the finish line ????

Neo Bowser City

Another track that will make you glide over the finish line (unless you got hit right before reaching the finish line) are the Neo Bowser City R or T tracks.

neo bowser city R

This track can be found in Baby Daisy Cup, Rosalina Cup or Larry Cup + more

Rock Rock Mountain T

Another track is the T version of Rock Rock Mountain where you start high in the sky and will fly through the finish line.

rock rock mountain T

You normally have no problems but I find this one the hardest one because you will have a long time in the air before the finish line and you also get frequently hit there and fall to the ground.

This track can be found in Toad Cup or Waluigi Cup right now.

Ghost Valley 1R/T

In this special version of Ghost Valley you will also glide through the finish line and it’s actually quite a short track. In Ghost Valley things can get messy with a lot of shells flying around so you also might need several tries here, but if you haven#t gotten the 5 Stars yet you will need several re-runs anyway 🙂

The downside here is that this track isn’t very common so you need to look out for it.

In the Valentines Tour you can find it in the Shy Guy Cup.


In my opinion the task to finish a race by gliding through the finish line is actually one that you can complete very easily, actually most of the times without even doing a race specifically for the task. You’ll probably finish it automatically by getting one of the above tracks up next.

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