get 1st place without crashing

How To… Get 1st Place Without Crashing

Getting 1st place in a race without crashing sounds easy, but in Mario Kart Tour it can get messy and the whole game is about hitting your opponents and crashing them and if you lead the race you’re a primary target, right? 😀

So, in this guide I want to show you some strategies that will help you to finish this challenge effectively within a few races.

What You Need To Win A Race Without Crashing

So, there are no guarantees but there are some big things that you can exclude when trying to win a race in Mario Kart Tour without crashing.

Let’s walk through them step by step.

Step #1 – Pick The Right Race

There are races in Mario Kart Tour that get messy all the time, look at the Vancouver Tour races they always have group crashing included.

Races that I find quite easy when it comes to crashing are Dino Dino Jungle, Rock Rock Mountain or Koopa Beach. They won’t clutch together all the driver after the first Item Boxes which is normally the place where you will almost guarantee crash.

Also avoid the very long races like Rainbow Road because the longer a race is the higher chances are that you can mess up – the shortest races are likely to have the driver field close together and this also raises the chances that you will crash or won’t get 1st place.

I also recommend that you prevent races that have something like Piranha Plants, there’s no need to have such a risk on the track when you want to prevent crashing the whole race.

Step #2 – Defend!

Normally you want to drop your Green Shell or Bananas to get some extra points – on your mission to get 1st place without crashing you should rather ignore the points and the combo multiplier and keep those items. Whenever someone shoots a Green or Red Shell at you and you have a Banana you will lose the Banana but you won’t crash.

auto item settings

I recommend you to go into the settings and turn off “Auto-Item” in the settings of Mario Kart Tour. This will not automatically fire your items to get new ones.

Let’s say you have one or two Bananas you rather want to keep them when you’re currently racing in 1st place rather than getting something like Coins and a Mushroom.

Step #3 – The Start

If you’re not starting in 1st or 2nd position in the race, do not do a Rocket Start!

If you do start in the front row you do your Rocket Start and try to get away from the other drivers as fast as possible and hope to get something that will protect you from the first items that they get.

mario kart tour prevent crashing best start

If you#re not starting in the front row, mess up a Rocket Start so you will start very last – it’s easier to take over the player field one by one than racing in that messy group where basically anything can happen. It’s enough that one of them hits a Bomb next to you and you will also crush!

Better safe than sorry, right? 😉

So, with this strategy, you should manage to get 1st place without crashing quite easily in Mario Kart Tour.

If you have any additional tips, simply put them in the comments below ✌️

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